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IP address stands for Internet Protocol. You can think of an IP address as a phone number. A computer that is connected to the internet or network has a number with which it is visible. The IP address is given by the internet provider. So if you switch internet provider, your IP address will also change. The IP address so far consists of 32 bits in the IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4). Since IP addresses are becoming scarce for the requested use, IPv6 has been designed. These IP addresses consist of 128 bits.

IP addresses and a website

When you want to start a website you need a domain name. A domain name needs a DNS (Domain Name Service). A DNS translates a host name to the correct IP address, which can be seen as a Yellow Pages of the IPs. When you type a website URL into your browser, the computer requests the DNS for the IP address of the entered domain to connect to it so that it can be translated back to the user.

Why is there a different IP address on my computer under network details

If you go to your network properties in your computer settings, you will probably see a different address under IPv4 address than the one we indicate above as IP Address. This is due to NAT. NAT stands for Network Address Translation. NAT is a technology that is incorporated in the router. A short summary is that IP addresses are scarce, so that one building often has one IP address. This is the visible public IP address. To translate something to a relevant device in the building, you need a private IP address that is connected to the public IP address (via the router). This is the private IP address you can find in your network properties on the computer. So set your IP private address 192.XXX.X.X and you want to connect. Then this goes through a private port to the router which requests something from outside by means of NAT with a public IP address 217.XXX.XXX.XX. The requested information also comes in through a public port of the router at the visible ip address 217.XXX.XXX.XXX. From there through the private port to the private IP address you see in your network settings.
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